Brief History 


initially a traditional Shukokai karate club, Levenshulme karate club, part of MMAA has incorparated a specialality class on its teaching method agenda.

FMA, Freestyle Martial Arts, is a combination of traditional karate, street defence, boxing, and some ground work techniques.

After training in different disaplines, two of the Levenshulme karate club instructors re-wrote a syllabus of certain techniques that fit together, learning many styles/disaplines cannot mix, so after a careful study, and hands on approach, a fighting art was written, to learn with ease, with a maximum statement.

After the process of this, one of the instructors ( Ian Travis ) tried this style out at the WKA english squad selection trials in early 2008, he earned bronze and was selected a place on the squad.

Not happy that a 3rd place was drawn, the instructors refined the syllabus.

In mid 2008, the 2nd instructor ( Jason Olsen ) enterd the WKA British nationals open , and won Gold to take the first place. in 2009 Jason Olsen was offered a place on the WKC England squad after gaining second in the fight rounds.

Levenshulme Karate Club/ MMAA  are still tweeking techniques, studying the human dymatics of the body to controll the outcome with maximum efficency..


Manchester Martial Arts Academy

History of project

MMAA is part of the growth of teaching future champions, our instructors have a wealth of expertise in reality, and competition circuit.