U N D E R       C O N S T R U C T I O N

The MMAA syllabus  includes the following:

  1.                              basics
  2.                    combinations
  3.                          pad work
  4.                                drills
  5.                  coach sparring
  6.                     free sparring
  7.                      self defence
  8.   wrtten test (certain grades)


                   FMA                                   SHUKOKAI

                                 (belt) OBI ORDER

  • 9TH KYU                             -------
  • 8TH KYU                             8TH KYU
  • 7TH KYU                       7TH KYU
  • 6TH KYU                       6TH KYU
  • 5TH KYU                       5TH KYU
  • 4TH KYU                       4TH KYU
  • 3RD KYU                       3RD KYU
  • 2ND KYU                      2ND KYU
  • 1ST KYU                       1ST KYU
  • 1ST DAN                      1ST DAN
  • 2ND DAN                     2ND DAN